>Formatting glitch affects MS Word 2007 and 2010



Several people report spaces being dropped randomly from documents created in Word 2010 when the files are opened in Word 2007 on another machine. (A post on the Microsoft Answers forum explains the problem in more detail.)

The quick fix is to set both systems to use Adobe PDF as the default printer driver. Of course, this is a system-wide setting you change in Windows 7‘s Devices and Printers (Printers and Faxes in Vista and XP). Microsoft provides a short video explaining how to change your default printer in Windows 7; the steps are similar in earlier Windows versions.

If you’re willing to do without the new features of Microsoft’s XML-based Office file formats, you can set Word to use the older .doc format by default instead of the newer .docx. To do so in Word 2010, click File > Options > Advanced and scroll to “Compatibility options” at the bottom of the window on the right. Choose All New Documents in the first drop-down menu and Microsoft Office Word 2003 in the second menu.

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