>CRTC betrays the Consumer


Our large telecom companies (read: Bell and Rogers) can now control the entire Internet market. There is no ability for small business Internet providers to compete, as they are subject to the telecoms’ whims and will have to either eat the increased cost or pass it on to Canadians. I can imagine which option the independent ISP will be forced to choose.

This is an obvious abuse of the Canadian consumer and small business and is a major anti-trust concern. The big telecoms are instituting usage-based billing to eliminate competition from cutting-edge companies such as Netflix, Apple, Steam and Google, and to force consumers to continue using its existing and increasingly antiquated business model (television).

In doing this, the telecoms will be crushing the average Canadian citizen’s ability to access new technology and information.

UBB will ruin innovation in Canada. It will kill online storage service, it will kill cloud computing and it will prevent Canadians from competing at a first-class world level. Is Bell’s profit margin worth it?