>A Cabbies view of New Years Eve

>People you know that it took hours to get a cab to take you to the bash-of-the-year yet you go out in sub-freezing weather with your evening dresses and maybe just maybe the guy has a suit coat (probably a tropical blend and not all wool that might keep you warm for maybe 5 minutes) and you in your drunken stupor will try and cram your entire entourage into 1 cab (need a seatbelt for every passenber, sorry) and don’t tell the driver the list of address’s to go to so he (being a professional) can think for a second and plan a speedy route to get you all in and out ASAP so he can get back to getting more irate customers (hey I’t COLD out here and we’re freezing)

Ride on my hood I don’t care… my doors are locked for a reason i.e. I’m transporting transplant or other stat medical stuff from 1 hostpital to another… or on a call to pick up the passengers from a RIDE stop (driver charged with DUI) (actually one of the fastest way’s of getting a cab after midnight is to have the Police call one for you..

Take out your frustrations on me… Hey I got your radio call less than 10 minutes ago.. otherwise my dispatcher would be all over me… This is the one night of the year that we have more than 1 dispatcher and call taker in the office.. We’ve got 3 dispatchers on 3 different channels seperated by zones and a score of people manning the phones…

Yes it is a busy, busy night for us… one of the most profitable nights of the year.. but veteran cabbies know that the DROUGHT is coming… Any money that wasn’t spent on Xmas was blown New Years Eve… which means NO business at all for about 2 weeks except for the regulars that use our services on a daily basis..

My personal gripe is that being a 7 day a week 12 hours/day driver eeking out a bare living why are the lease rates TRIPLE for this one night for us professionals? The part-timers charge them as much as the market will bear.. they won’t be there to take the pregnant mom’s to the hostpital… do the deliveries… pick up people at the supermarkets (to go around the corner) or deal with your important corporate customers (that pay by a charge slip in which I lose 20% off the top because of your service charges or worse the DEEP discounts you have given these people. Good weather (when people will walk or wait for a bus) or ROTTEN stinking weather when the snowplows have given up after getting stuck or in the ditch.. we’ll be out there dealing with your customers..

Customers, PLEASE if you have ANY inkling that you’re gonna puke LET the driver know… Puking in his cab not only costs you the price of a seat cleaning but it TOTALLY screws up the rest of his night.. the $100 you may be charged is peanuts compared to his potential lost income. We’ll gladly pull over and whatever you do if it just a coming DONT PUKE on the back of my head!!!! that only makes a bad situation worse.
Common people can’t you go to a pub within crawling distance of home or your friends home?